CHF7,000.00 CHF5,500.00 Sale!

Premium Tour

*as from CHF 5500.- pro Person

Discover charm and harmony in an idyllic place

CHF5,500.00 CHF4,500.00 Sale!

Group Tour

*as from CHF 4500.- per person

A new opportunity to go in small groups at very affordable prices

CHF6,000.00 CHF4,000.00 Sale!

Mauritius Intense Tour

*as from CHF 4000 per person

Fly away to the sea, nature and culture…

CHF5,000.00 CHF3,500.00 Sale!

Family Tour

*as from CHF 3500.- per Person

Sharing special time with family and awakens new emotions

CHF4,000.00 CHF3,000.00 Sale!

Honeymoon Tour

*as from CHF 3000.- per person

Escape with your lover in an exotic and tropical island

CHF3,500.00 CHF2,990.00 Sale!

Kite Surfing Tour

*as from CHF 2990.- per person

Ride Mauritius differently

CHF3,500.00 CHF2,990.00 Sale!

Underwater Tour

*As from CHF 2990.- per person

Discover the blue island…

CHF3,500.00 CHF2,750.00 Sale!

Budget Tour

*as from CHF 2750.- per person

Escape to the coast at great prices