vacancesmaurice.ch offers tailor-made trips as well as private tours, accompanied or in groups, exclusively for Mauritius. Flight, accommodation and chosen excursions/activities are included in all our offers. Therefore, our products are indivisible from each other.

We offer standard programs and prizes as from June 1, 2018.  They are a frame from which we offer a tailor-made quote, according to your wish and our complementary proposals which is available on our website. These quotes are sent to you electronically and have a limited validity period indicated on the quote itself, beyond which they become obsolete: the different components of the trip, prices and program can not be maintained.

Upon receipt of the travel contract* by email, you will be requested to review, sign/date and an initial deposit of 50% minimum of the total price for the trip where the trip date is more than 35 days from the booking date, or the full price for any departure date less than 35 days, and confirmation of your booking request.

NB: Clients are responsible for the correct spelling of first and last names, as well as the validity of passports whose number appears on the travel contract. As such, we recommend to our clients the utmost vigilance in reviewing the travel contract before confirmation.

vacancesmaurice.ch will confirm the availability of requested or similar services as soon as possible. This confirmation is the conclusion of the travel contract.

In case of non-availability of the requested service or similar, the deposit will be immediately returned to the Client. On the proposal of our agents, the Client can also accept a replacement proposal on which the initial deposit will be transferred.



The total price of the service is the one shown on the order confirmation sent by vacancesmaurice.ch. It is expressed in Swiss Francs and included VAT.

No dispute regarding the price of the trip will be considered on the Client’s return, who was already agreed before his/her departure if the price suits him/her. Upon acceptance of the tourist packages which is in fact, a fixed price that includes services whose prices are not detailed by the Travel Agency. Any price changes that may occur will be reported prior to booking and confirmed on the invoice and / or confirmation.

The prices are indivisible and any waiver of services included in the contract or any interruption of travel by the Client (even in case of hospitalisation or early repatriation), can not give rise to reimbursement, unless specific insurance.

Only the services mentioned explicitly in the description of the trip are part of the package. Are not included in the package (unless otherwise stipulated in the description of the trip): Personal expenses (gratuities, telephone, various sureties etc.), vaccination fees, visa, optional excursions and in a general way any services not expressly mentioned in the travel contract, excess luggage, drinks during meals (including bottles of water when the provider does not have drinking water).

Some requests may be subject to special pricing rules, such as single rooms and child discounts; the cost is provided for information only. If a change would affect the amount of these rates after confirmation of the quote, the client would be informed before confirming his/her order.

Trivial price: if due to a material error, the price displayed on the website or communicated to the Client by any other means is manifestly trivial or improperly low compared to the objective value of the Service, the Agency may cancel the file. reservation without fees or penalties. The Client may make a new reservation based on availability and according to the price of the Services.


The prices included in the travel contracts were calculated on the basis of the exchange rates, the air fares and the price of terrestrial services known at the time of the publication on the website.

In accordance with the Federal Law on Package Travel (FLPT) vacancesmaurice.ch may modify its prices to take account of significant variations between the day of registration and departure:

Transport costs, related in particular to the cost of fuel. The variations of the cost of transport will be passed on in proportion to their part in the calculation of the price of the booked trip.

Fees and taxes relating to the services offered, such as landing, embarkation and disembarkation fees at ports and airports.

The exchange rates used to determine the cost price of the trip or stay considered.

vacancesmaurice.ch will inform its Clients by any means to acknowledge receipt more than 30 days before departure. In case of an increase of more than 10% of the price of the trip, the client will then be able to request the cancellation of the contract and to obtain, without penalty, the immediate refund of the sums paid. The cancellation must be notified to vacancesmaurice.ch as soon as possible after notification of the increase and by any means to acknowledge receipt.

Below the 10% threshold, the Client’s refusal of the price increase will be considered as a cancellation on his/her part.



You can pay your trip by credit card or credit cards (exclusively more than 35 days from the date of departure), bank transfer, payment slip, mail or via our website (secure payment). The balance of the Credit cards payments will automatically be debited, without notice from us, on the expiry date quoted above.

The obligation to perform the Service becomes definitive for the Agency after full payment of the Service by the Client: any default or rejection of payment may result in the cancellation of the booking file by the Client.

The followings are not considered as release payment: the communication of a credit card number before agreement of the payment by the Bank center, a transfer order before confirmation by the bank of the Client.

The costs of rejection or cancellation for non-payment or irregular payment remain the responsibility of the Client as well as any price increase between the payment incident and the regularisation, if the issue of new tickets is required.

Under federal law on card payments, the commitment to pay using a payment card is irrevocable. This payment can only be made in case of loss, theft or fraudulent use of the card. Any opposition for another reason or as a right of withdrawal is a fraud credit card. The full amount of the order is charged to the Client’s credit card upon confirmation of the booking.

vacancesmaurice.ch provides its Clients with the modern and secure credit card payment process.

vacancesmaurice.ch ensures that the collection, registration and use of data comply with the law on the protection of personal data. These data are used only in the context of the finalising of the Client’s travel contract (payment, possible reimbursement, fees) and are encrypted by the secure POSTFINANCE server.

The Client accepts that his/her bank details are used by vacancesmaurice.ch to proceed with the payment of the Services ordered.

A / For a booking more than 35 days before departure:

  • 50% down payment of the amount on booking
  • The balance no later than 35 days before the departure date without a reminder from vacancesmaurice.ch
  • Booking fees: 50 CHF / person

B / For booking less than 35 days before departure:

  • Payment of the full price of the trip to the booking
  • Booking fees: 50 CHF / person

NB: additional “last minute” (non-refundable) booking fees of CHF 50 per person are applied for all bookings within 10 days of departure.



vacancesmaurice.ch informs clients who are Swiss, European or nationals of a European Economic Area country that they must make their own arrangements regarding the police and health regulations applicable at any time during the trip.

Other nationals must approach their consular authority under their sole responsibility.

Clients must check that the administrative and health documents required for the fulfilment of their journey are in accordance with the information provided by vacancesmaurice.ch. 

Please pay attention to the many destinations specified in the travel description, the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the date of return, and it must contain two blank pages for the applications of visas.

vacancesmaurice.ch can not in any way be held responsible for the consequences of the client’s non-observance of the police, customs or health regulations of the country of destination, before or during their journey. A Client who could not board a flight, failure to submit the required documents could claim any refund or compensation whatsoever. The obtaining of the visas is not included in the Services, except on written request of the Client. In this case, vacancesmaurice.ch will notify the Client in writing that he will take the necessary steps.


4.1 Changes or cancellation of services due to the Client before departure, not leading to the global cancellation of the trip. These requests do not upset the essential elements of the travel contract

No benefits of the trip defined in the travel contract can be modified less than 45 days before the date of departure.

A change management fee will be charged under the following conditions:

  • More than 30 days before departure: Fr 25 per person
  • Between 30 and 21 days of departure: Fr 50 per person
  • Between 20 and 8 days of departure: Fr 80 per person
  • From 8 days before the day of departure: Fr 100

This will be considered as cancellations of the contract of travel because they concern essential elements of the travel contract the requests of written modifications following:

  • Change of departure city / destination
  • Hotel modification
  • Change of departure and arrival dates
  • Cancellation of benefits

Please pay attention in some cases indicated in the description, the expenses of cancellation will be of 100% of the amount of the initial canceled service. 

Exception: any request to change the name of the participants following a spelling error or change of civility because of the Client will result in any fees requested by the provider. Please note that, in the case of regular flights, these costs may be up to the amount of the redemption of the ticket round trip according to the Conditions of Carriage of the company.


Cancellation fees are due when the booking is final. Any request for cancellation must be sent in writing to the company vacancesmaurice.ch (registered letter or email) at the following addresses: info.swissnest@gmail.com. The date of the postmark or the date of receipt of the fax or e-mail will be the date chosen to set the cancellation fee. Any cancellation will result in the following charges (subject to specific charges mentioned in the description of the chosen product):

For all individual services other than air services:

  • 30 days or less before departure: 100% of the price of the terrestrial services except insurance per person

For the services of the Grouped Individual Group (GIG):

  • Less than 30 days before departure: 100% of the total price of the trip excluding insurance per person

For air services. The cancellation fees are indicated in the registration form and depend on the type of ticket. In case of non-modifiable flight, and non-refundable cancellation fees are 100% of the price of the regular flight excluding insurance

In case of cancellation of a postponed or substitute trip (mentioned in the registration form), the cancellation fee is 100% of the price of the stay excluding insurance.

On certain destinations and / or exceptional products indicated on the description (in particular the production Prestige voyages), the cancellation fees are 100% from the firm reservation.

In the case of stays identified as “SPECIAL OPERATIONS ONLY FOR LAND BENEFITS”, any cancellation request by the Client, regardless of the date on which it occurs, will be invoiced at the rate of 100% of the price of the outbound trip. insurance.

Donations made through charitable donations are not refundable.

In the event of partial cancellation, i.e. by only a part of the participants registered on the Travel Contract, the fees will be applied as follows:

  • For services common to all participants, a 100% billing will be applied to the client(s) canceling their stay according to their share, regardless of the date of cancellation.
  • For the particular case of personal services, not shared with other clients registered on the file, the cancellation fee corresponding to the standard scale (4.2 a) will be applied to the price of the services not consumed during the stay, at the moment when the registration is recorded. “cancellation”.


Any trip interrupted, abbreviated or any service not consumed because of the client will not be entitled to any refund, especially air tickets to and from. If the client has taken out optional insurance covering in particular the interruption of stay, he/she will have to comply with the terms of cancellation appearing in the general and special conditions of the insurance policy.

The following points do not engage the responsibility of vacancesmaurice.ch:

  • Any service purchased by the client outside the travel contract concluded with vacancesmaurice.ch
  • Any modification of the stay on the initiative of the Client on the spot.

In case of cancellation of his/her trip by the Client insurance, fees and visas are never refundable. vacancesmaurice.ch informs the Client of the existence of specific insurance contracts covering the consequences of the cancellation In case of no-show at the departure on a regular flight, vacancesmaurice.ch will be able to maintain the other services only if the Client expressly requests in writing within 24 hours of departure. It remains possible, however, that the airline cancels the return ticket, according to its own Conditions of Carriage. In this case, the Client will have the opportunity to buy back and forth tickets at his/her own expense, subject to availability. vacancesmaurice.ch will do its utmost to guarantee the other services. No refund can be granted following services not consumed because of the non-presentation of the Client at the departure initially planned (nights of hotels, meals.). Should a late arrival result in extra charges for vacancesmaurice.ch (for example, organising a new transfer), these costs will be borne by the Client. If the cancellation of the stay of one of the persons registered on the travel contract results in the booking of a single room, instead of a double room, the supplement must be paid before departure by the registered Client.



vacancesmaurice.ch will communicate the identity of the air carrier and flight schedules as soon as they are known and undertakes to inform its Clients immediately in the event of a change in the identity of the air carrier that may intervene until the registration or boarding. In accordance with the European regulations, vacancesmaurice.ch only uses the services of airlines that comply with the safety standards in force. Air transport is subject to operational and safety requirements which may cause delays beyond the control of vacancesmaurice.ch. We advise you to schedule sufficient connections for your possible connections, and avoid any commitment the same day and the day after your trips back and forth.

vacancesmaurice.ch draws the attention of its Clients in case of flight with correspondence (s): the non presentation of the Client at the airport of departure may result in the cancellation of the following flights to the airport of final destination as well as return flights according to the Transport Conditions of the companies.


For the execution of journeys, vacancesmaurice.ch uses different carriers who retain their own responsibilities towards travellers. The liability of the carrier is determined by its Conditions of Carriage and by the provisions of the Warsaw Conventions of October 12, 1929 and Montreal of May 28, 1999.


vacancesmaurice.ch informs the Client that companies sometimes refuse boarding a pregnant woman when they consider that because of the term of the pregnancy, a risk of premature delivery during transport is possible. It is the Client’s responsibility to check with the airline and vacancesmaurice.ch can not be held responsible for the Carrier’s decision.


Babies (under 2 years old until the date of the return flight) do not have a seat on the plane unless asked to purchase a seat. As a result, only one baby is accepted per adult passenger. The ticket price is usually 10 to 15% of the adult fare.

Children (from 2 to 11 years old) on some flights can benefit from discounts ranging from 25%, 33% up to 50% and stocks can be limited. Babies and children are considered as such if they have not reached the age of 2 years and 12 years before the use of their return ticket.

Unaccompanied children, (“UC”, unaccompanied minor or unaccompanied child), are not always allowed to benefit from these pricing bases.

Unaccompanied children under 15 are generally denied by airlines. It is the Client’s responsibility to inquire of the company about the conditions of transport and accompaniment of UC.


Hand luggage or cabin luggage: (any luggage not checked in the hold): Generally speaking, the carrier accepts one piece of cabin luggage per passenger whose volume is indicated in the Conditions of Carriage and may vary according to the type of aircraft. This luggage remains under the responsibility of the Client for the duration of the trip.

Checked luggage: Each airline has its own weight policy, according to its Conditions of Carriage. In case of surplus, if it is authorised, the passenger will have to pay a supplement to the airline at the airport, calculated by the carrier for each additional Kg. When booking, the Client must inquire with the airline about the policy adopted by the airline regarding weight and excess baggage.

In accordance with the Montreal Convention when applicable, in the event of loss, damage or theft of checked luggage on the arrival of the flight, the Client must imperatively draw up a report of luggage irregularity before any final departure of the luggage at the airport. Once the report has been established, the Client is invited to send the declaration to the airline company enclosing the originals of the documents within a period of 7 days from the day of the incident. Delays in the delivery of luggage must be notified in writing to the carrier within 21 days of delivery. 

vacancesmaurice.ch can not be held responsible for any refusal of embarkation or confiscation of an object deemed dangerous by the company or the airport authorities. It is the passenger’s responsibility to inquire about prohibited items in the hold or cabin.


Any passenger who wishes specific assistance due to a physical or mental handicap must make the request at least 48 hours before the flight concerned. The Agency will forward exactly the terms of the request to the company when booking.

A prior agreement will be made between the Client and the medical service of the company.

The passenger indicates under his/her responsibility the nature of his/her disability and his/her exact needs: accompanying, wheelchair and autonomy, medical assistance etc.The Client is informed that for security reasons or the size of the aircraft operating the flight, his/her request may be refused.


vacancesmaurice.ch informs its Clients that they must reconfirm their booking with the airline for each flight, at the latest 3 days before the scheduled date, otherwise it will not be maintained. For package tours, this formality is usually completed by the local correspondent. However, the Client may be asked to do it himself/herself.


In case of non-use of the ticket for any reason whatsoever, the mandatory airport taxes are refundable to the Client upon request, and vacancesmaurice.ch may charge a fee of up to 20% of the amount refunded for any request outside line. 

Warning: the “fuel surcharge” YQ applied by the companies and which may appear on the ticket is not a mandatory tax and is part of the ticket price, which it follows the refundable plan or not.



It is the rule in international hotel to take possession of the room from 14 hours and to release it before 12 hours regardless of the schedule of the return flight. In no case will vacancesmaurice.ch depart from this rule. Any room taken before 2 pm or returned after 12 pm is considered a night consumed. Prices are calculated on a number of nights and not days. The first and last day are dedicated to transportation.


The number of stars awarded to the hotel establishment in the description corresponds to a classification established with reference to local standards of the host country and may therefore differ from French, European or international standards. vacancesmaurice.ch informs you as precisely as possible about the characteristics of your accommodation. The assessments we make of our descriptions are based in particular on our knowledge of the establishments and the assessments sent to us by our Clients.


In the following cases – case of force majeure, security reasons, made by a third party – vacancesmaurice.ch or its supplier may be obliged to change the mentioned hotels or services; if this measure constitutes a modification of an essential element of the trip, it will be communicated in advance to the client and vacancesmaurice.ch will offer him/her a service in the same category as that initially booked.

In some countries, the direction of the Tours may be changed but all planned visits and stages will be respected. However, both civil and religious holidays, strikes and demonstrations in the countries visited may lead to changes or cancellations in visits or excursions, of which vacancesmaurice.ch can not be held responsible.


Individual rooms, limited in number, may be subject to a surcharge. Double rooms are provided either with two beds or with a double bed. Triple and quadruple rooms are often double rooms with extra beds, which can reduce space and comfort.


Some proposed activities may present risks especially for young children and it is up to the Client to ensure his liability insurance and to protect himself/herself by specific insurance, including medical and repatriation, and to monitor activities of his/her children.

It may happen that some activities listed in the description are deleted by our local service provider. The responsibility of vacancesmaurice.ch can not be engaged if these activities are suppressed in case of force majeure, the unpredictable and insurmountable of a third party foreign to the service or the fact of the Client.


vacancesmaurice.ch invites parents of babies to bring with them the appropriate food for their child that they will not always find on the spot. Participation to be paid locally may be required, for example to heat dishes or baby bottles.


vacancesmaurice.ch endeavours to illustrate its proposals for photos or illustrations giving a realistic overview of the services offered. However, it is stated that the photos and illustrations in the description are merely illustrative of the services. They bind vacancesmaurice.ch only to the extent that they indicate the category or degree of standing of these services.


vacancesmaurice.ch strongly recommends to its Client to take out an insurance covering the risks specific to the travels such as: cancellation, diseases, accidents, natural disasters, repatriation health, misfire, loss or delay of luggage, etc.

Attention: The insurance premium, visa fees, and registration fees are not supported.


vacancesmaurice.ch will assist you, but will not be held responsible and can not replace you financially in the following cases:

  • Costs incurred for the loss of tickets by the Client (fees and penalties for ticket reissue and costs incurred, particularly in the event of immobilisation in the country)
  • Debt contracted by the client with a third party (extra in hotels, etc.)
  • Loss of identity documents or any other document required to leave the country visited and return to Switzerland.
  • support and planning of the return in case of force majeure event occurring during the trip

The Client is informed that the responsibility of vacancesmaurice.ch can in no case be engaged in case of non-performance or poor performance of all or part of the services provided for in the contract, which would be attributable either to the Client, or to the unpredictable and insurmountable of a third party foreign to the service, either to a case of force majeure (war, attack, riot, revolution, nuclear catastrophe, climatic or natural events such as cyclone, earthquake, tsunami, tornado, cloud, sand wind. ..) .In case of application of its full liability by its providers within the meaning of the FLPT, the limits of compensation provided for by the same law will apply.

It can happen for reasons related to the period, attendance or decisions of hoteliers on the spot, that the material is insufficient in the places of stay or that certain activities are suspended.

vacancesmaurice.ch will not be responsible in the event of an incident occurring on the occasion of services purchased outside the contract and directly on site by the Client from an external service provider or resulting from a personal initiative of the Client.

Definition of Force Majeure.

Major force is defined as any event external to parties presenting a character at once unpredictable and irresistible that prevents the client and / or the agency / its suppliers from performing all or part of the obligations provided for by the contract (riots, wars, political unrest, sanitary situation, pollution, natural and / or climatic events).

  • Before departure. In the case of cancellations imposed by circumstances of force majeure and / or motivated by the protection of the security of our Clients and / or on the orders of an administrative authority,  clients will not be entitled to any compensation. In particular, we may, in accordance with the provisions of the Code du Tourisme, propose to our Client the modification of dates, schedules and itineraries. Accepted changes are the responsibility of the Client.
  • After departure. In case of force majeure, the obligations of the parties are suspended. The delay (s) suffered as well as the itinerary modifications that may result from it may not result in any compensation for any reason whatsoever, in particular because of the modification of the duration of the program initially planned or the delay in correspondence. Any additional costs related to a disruption (tax, hotel, change of means of transport, parking …) will remain the responsibility of the Client.


We recommend you for any problem related to a non-performance or a bad execution of the services on the spot during the stay to report it as soon as possible to the local teams or based in Switzerland. For a fast processing of your file, any complaint must be addressed to vacancesmaurice.ch by registered letter within 30 days following the return of the trip to the following address: vacancesmaurice.ch, Chemin de Maillefer 121, 1018 Lausanne.


In accordance with the provisions of the FLPT, the Client does not have a right of withdrawal after validation of his/her travel contract.


The version of the Conditions of Sale applicable is that in force on the day of the reservation. vacancesmaurice.ch reserves the right to modify or update its conditions of sale at any time and without notice: the CS are in force as soon as they are published on the site.

* Travel contract means our proposals regarding the price and itinerary and the settlement of the service.